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About us

You put a lot of effort into looking your best at the milonga. You work hard on your dance skills, invest into right shoes and clothing, learn about music and culture. Our goal is to make it easier for you to feel elegant and comfortable. Your embrace, your footwork, your movement, your musicality - it's YOUR TANGO. Every tanguera needs a dress to match her unique style. Atelier Vertex designs beautiful dresses as unique as you are. Tango clothing that embody luxurious elegance and freedom to move. Dresses tailored to perfection from highest quality materials for the eternally best-dressed.

The inspiration comes from two major sources: movement and fabric.
As a life-long dancer, I understand how to accentuate every movement with the design. It also guides development of each style to be dance-friendly. To give you freedom to move and a piece of mind knowing that the dress you are wearing will stay put as you dance.
While the front of the dress is very important, a lot of attention is paid to the back. In tango, we dance face to face in close embrace and the back is what's mostly visible. the curve of the back appeals to me as a designer.
The fabric is a second source of inspiration. Textures, colors, print combinations all speak to me. I equate fabric shopping with meditation. It is relaxing and generates many ideas. The fabrics usually make me see the dress even before it's made. Soft and luxurious silks invoke images of flowing skirts, textured stretch knits remind me of curves, while intricate laces create an illusion of transparency. And the combinations are endless.
Every dress is then cut and sewn in my San Francisco studio.

Atelier Vertex is a name that combines my love for old-world charm and personal approach and science and innovation. As you probably know, atelier is a french word for a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer and this old-fashioned concept of hand made designs is my personal touch. Vertex is a mathematical term for the highest point, the top or apex. As a molecular biologist, I approach every dress scientifically as well as artistically. Innovation is very important to me and I make an effort to bring something new to each design.

Atelier Vertex