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2-piece tango dress and what to wear with backless dress

October 08 2021 – Rina Gendelman

2-piece tango dress and what to wear with backless dress - Atelier Vertex
2-piece tango dress and what to wear with backless dress - Atelier Vertex

The signature 2-piece tango dress is all the rage!

This innovative design let's you have the best of both worlds - a flattering fitted dress and lots of flowing movement. It is also very versatile.
Wear it together as a dress for a special night, or split it up.
The essential pencil skirt with back slit is a staple of every tanguera's wardrobe. And open back top with flowing tail works great with a pair of pants, leggings, or even denim shorts!

But what to wear with the backless top or dress, you ask?

This question comes up a lot.  Women would come to me to shop for dresses and they love the backless or low back style but are hesitant to wear one.  Why?  Simple.  They want to know what undergarments they can use.  What kind of bra would go with a backless dress?

The possibilities are endless!

So, let's start with the simplest option:  NO BRA.  Honestly, this is my favorite option.  Did I mention I really, really, really don't like bras. Don't throw rocks at me yet!  For these of us with the average cup size (A-C), a bra-less option works with some dresses.  For example, dresses and tops made from thicker stretch fabrics that fit the body.  In this case, the fabric holds you in and no bra scenario is possible and all you may need are nipple covers. But it might not work for everyone. So....

Option #2: Adhesive Bra (psst, they also come with straps!)

My go-to adhesive bra is a cloth-covered cups with a fastener in the middle (they also come in silicon).  This bra offers coverage and some support.  It's great when you don't want any straps on the back but want to wear something under that thin silk backless dress.  I know, some of you are thinking:  it won't stay on!  In truth, I've been using them for about 10 years and never had a "wardrobe malfunction" yet.  But then again, I don't sweat too much.  If loosing the bra in the middle of a tanda is your concern, there is a solution!  They now come with removable clear straps that you can position in a few different ways.

Option #3:  Bralettes.

Bralettes have become available in every shape, fabric and color.  They are pull-over coverlets that you can wear under tops and dresses.  A very popular choice. They come in many colors and shapes. Either plain or lacy,
you can make them part of the outfit in matching or contrasting color. They come padded for more support or without pads. Do your research and find one that fits you best.

Option #4: Convertible and Clear strap bras

Bra with clear straps and back strap. It's great for any open back top or dress. They come as dance bralette or a a regular bra with cups.
Some have convertible straps that can be worn in regular, crisscross, or halter configuration. You get support and no visible bra straps!

Option #5: Tank tops

If all else fails and you want complete coverage, tank top is a great solution. Yes, believe it or not a low back tank top in a matching or complementary color looks great.  It allows you to wear your bra of choice and still enjoy dancing in a gorgeous dress!

For ideas and recommendations please checkout a special Pinterest board I created just for this topic: